About Me


My talents:

  • Simplifying your routine data – and other – tasks using Microsoft tools
  • Building simple solutions to track the vital information you need
  • Translating data speak into everyday business language
  • Identifying patterns and trends in data
  • Providing bespoke training in Microsoft products, tailored to your business needs

I’m Jennifer Deacon and as a small girl I used to dream of working in an office with data. Well not quite, but from a young age I was involved with data calculations, starting with helping my mother analyse research data whilst still at school. Originally from the South East I moved to Shropshire nine years ago.

During my career I’ve worked in all sizes of companies, from small businesses through to working for large multinational corporations, as well as spending time working in the public sector. I’ve spent time in a number of roles ranging from customer Billing Manager to Data Analyst to Business Intelligence Manager and spent 8 years in the utilities industry. I know tips and tricks and solutions to make your life easier. I can help you look at your processes and make them work better. I’m passionate about helping people to understand Excel and the other microsoft office programmes and keen to share my knowledge so do check out my blog for tutorials

You can find out more about the roles that I’ve had and where I’ve worked on my Linked In profile but with a wide range of skills I’m always happy to come and have a chat over a coffee to see how I might help your business. Tweet me, call me or email me, let’s talk.