Excel Detective

… detangling and making sense of your spreadsheets


Over time many businesses are left with legacy spreadsheets and reports: Microsoft Excel systems that were set up in the past and no longer quite meet business requirements.  Often these spreadsheets contain formulas or macros which are baffling to the remaining users or which no longer suit the way that the business is being developed. Staff using the reports are frustrated at not knowing exactly what the formulas mean or how the calculations work and both time and energy is wasted in trying to fit current work processes into a spreadsheet which is no longer fit for purpose.

Deaconsulting can help you by:

  • Untangling formulas and helping you understand how they work – putting you back in control of your data
  • Making the data fit with your current business purposes
  • Challenging current practises
  • Leaving your staff with the knowledge to make future enhancements

Benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved productivity
  • Staff more engaged in processes that they helped to design rather than inherited.
  • Control over one of your businesses most valuable assets – your data

Whether it’s a simple report that you need reworking or a more complex macro then do get in touch to see how I can work with you and your staff to understand it and make it fit for your current business