Data Analyst

… and management information expert.


What should you know about your business that you don’t?

Whatever your business is, over time you’ll have built up a significant amount of data which could help you improve your services and increase efficiencies.  Even the smallest of companies will have built up information on your customers, suppliers and staff which I can help you to unlock.

By interrogating your data using my proven analytical skills Deaconsulting can help you by:

  • Creating dashboards and reporting suites to display your key performance indicators and management information
  • Identifying trends and anomalies within your data, giving you the information you need to make decisions
  • Interpreting patterns and translating issues into everyday language.
  • Proving – or disproving – hypotheses and hunches you may have

For example in the past I have:

  • Identified in excess of £750,000 of charges previously unbilled
  • Created monitoring tools for a large vehicle fleet allowing for better understanding of fuel consumption patterns, helping to identify potential issues and crucially to understand how savings could be made
  • Assessed patterns in clients gas consumption and helped to develop forecasting patterns
  • Built a reporting tool to understand attendance patterns at a variety of activities
  • Interrogated sales data to identify patterns in client’s behaviour segmented by sector, contract type, sales person, location and other key factors.

Whether it’s help with understanding a known problem, creation of a new suite of management reports or collating together your KPIs into a dashboard then get in touch to find out how I could help.