Here’s where I don my deerstalker and dig out my spyglass to act as an Excel Detective.

Many, many companies have Excel spreadsheets, macros and data processes which they have inherited. Perhaps they were set up by a member of staff who has now left, or maybe they were built by a consultant who you’re no longer working with. Either way the spreadsheet doesn’t quite fit your current business requirements or staff don’t have the knowledge of Excel to fully understand how the formulas or macros works, often causing frustration, wasted time (money!) and inaccuracies.

Working primarily in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire I can help you by examining your data, business processes and existing tools and talking with you and your staff to understand what and how you want your business to work. Together we can unpick these legacy spreadsheets and rebuild them for your current business needs, leaving staff fully understanding how they work and back in control of your data.

Contact me for a chat, and I can come and investigate with the aim of leaving your business tools doing the job they’re meant to do.