By working with you to review your business processes, improve your spreadsheets and provide a more streamlined workflow I can help make you more efficient. Don’t switch off, this really is important stuff – there’s never been a more important time to be working as efficiently and as effectively as you can. Being more efficient might not seem on the face of it to be as important as bringing in the money but time is money said Benjamin Franklin.

Let’s put it another way, if I can save you just a minute on a task that you do twice a day, then over the course of the year that will have saved you a whole working day. All those wasted seconds moving between spreadsheets, retyping in data or copying and pasting may not seem like much but they add up and eat into your core business activity, whatever that might be.

Recently I’ve done some Excel detective work with a client, helping them to improve a process that typically took around 3 hours a month. By making some changes to the spreadsheet and ensuring that they understood a few particular excel commands we’ve dropped that to just 15 minutes. Apart from the fact that they were now no longer dreading the task the time saving is around 4 ½ days a year.

If time is money, what’s your hourly rate? Can you afford for your staff to be spending time unnecessarily on tasks which could be done quicker and more effectively? I’m happy to come in and take a look at your processes, spreadsheets that you use and how they interact with other Microsoft products and your other software and take a look to see if I can help save you money.

A good friend (Leighton, from Maison Jaune) pointed me in the direction of a recent blog post from Seth Godin, a well known American entrepreneur. It’s a short blog post and is on exactly this topic. You can read it here – and then, back to work. Time is money don’t forget…