Periodically I post on twitter some handy keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel. I am going to try and make this a more regular occurance with weekly roundups, so in case you’ve missed those I’ve tweeted so far, here they are:


Add a border around selected cells                   CTRL + SHIFT + &

Remove a border from selected cells                 CTRL + SHIFT + _

Add a comment to a cell                                   SHIFT + F2

Hide a row                                                       CTRL + 9

Unhide a Row                                                   CTRL + SHIFT + (

Hide a column                                                  CTRL + 0

Unhide a Column                                              CTRL + SHIFT + ) NB: if you’re using Windows Vista or Windows 7 this probably won’t work. See here for why and a way to get around this

Convert selected cell to a currency format          CTRL+SHIFT+$ NB: this coverts to the default regional setting, so if you’ve UK settings will be £ despite the $ used in the shortcut!


I hope you find these useful, I’ll continue to post them regularly but what’s your most used keyboard shortcut? Let me know in the comments below.