Autumn is here and in between turning produce from the allotment and hedges of shropshire into soups, chutneys and other harvest delights I’m going to start back tweeting Excel shortcuts. Hopefully these shortcuts, along with other hints and tips I’ll blog / tweet about will give you some ideas as to how you can streamline your work and make Microsoft work for you. A roundup of tweets I’ve previously made is here, but this week I covered:


Selects the entire active row            SHIFT + SPACEBAR

Selects the entire active column       CTRL + SPACEBAR

Undo!                                            CTRL + Z (NB: Very handy and works across microsoft office programmes)

Redo                                             CTRL + Y

Opens the format cells dialog box   CTRL + 1


Any suggestions for things that you would like to see then please do get in touch leaving a comment below.