A quick post to say thank you for all the feedback that I’ve had on the website since it launched this week.  If you’ve any feedback please do post a comment below or use the contact form to get in touch.

Setting up your own business is a roller coaster of emotions, but even in its embryonic stages of development I’ve had some fabulous support to get this far.  Too many people to thank individually: real life supporters (I can’t list you all) advice and support from Jan, Claire and Fay, virtual friends on twitter and a host of others wishing me well. I thank you all. In particular thanks to attendees of the recent Coalport and Shrewsbury Jellies (such as Nick, Kirsty, Ben, Hollie and Helen) who’ve helped inspire me to take the plunge and supported me with a few practicalities. To find out more about a Jelly see the comprehensive UK Jelly site and I’ll be blogging about my experience in future weeks.

Enough with the Oscars, next week I’ll post a little more about my services and how I can help make a difference to your business. Check back on Monday for information about my background working with Management Information. Have a great weekend.